4.Blondine’s Awakening-Beau-Minon

Blondine slept calmly all night; no fierce beasts came to disturb her. She did not suffer from the cold and awoke late in the morning. She rubbed her eyes, much surprised to see herself surrounded by trees, instead of being in her own room in the palace, and in her own bed.

She called her nurse and a soft mewing was the only response. Astonished and almost frightened, she looked around and saw at her feet a marvelous white cat, gazing gently at her and continuing to mew sadly.

“Ah! Pretty puss! How beautiful you are!” cried Blondine, placing her little hand gently on the soft fur, white as snow. “I am so happy to see you, pretty puss, for you will take me to your home. I am indeed very hungry and I have not the strength to walk much further without food.”

Blondine had scarcely uttered these words, when the white pussy mewed again and pointed with her little paw to a small package lying near her, wrapped neatly in fine white linen. She opened the parcel and found it contained bread and butter which she found delicious. She gave the crumbs to pussy, who munched them happily.

When they had finished their simple meal, Blondine leaned over towards her little companion, and said, “Thanks, pretty puss, for the breakfast you have given me. Now, can you take me to my papa, who is certainly in despair because of my absence?”

Pussy, whom Blondine named Beau-Minon, shook her head and mewed sadly.

“Ah! You understand me, Beau-Minon,” said Blondine. “I beg you to have pity upon me and lead me to some house before I die of hunger, cold and terror in this vast forest!”

Beau-Minon looked at the princess earnestly and made a sign with her little graceful white head which seemed to say, “I understand you.” She rose, advanced a few steps and paused to see if Blondine followed her.

“I am here, Beau-Minon; I am following you gladly,” said Blondine; “but how can we pass through these thick bushes? I see no path.”

Beau-Minon made no reply but sprang lightly into the bushes which opened to allow Blondine and Beau-Minon to pass, and then closed up immediately.

Blondine walked on for about half an hour. As she walked, the forest became lighter, the grass was finer and the flowers more abundant. She saw many pretty birds singing melodiously and graceful squirrels, bounding along the branches of the trees.

Blondine, who had no doubt that she was about to leave the forest and see her dear father again, was enchanted with all that she saw. She wished to pause and gather the lovely wild flowers, but Beau-Minon walked quickly and mewed sadly whenever Blondine relaxed her speed.

In about an hour Blondine saw an elegant castle. Beau-Minon led her to the gate. However, Blondine did not know how to enter. There was no bell and the gate was closed. Beau-Minon had disappeared and Blondine was once more alone.